3 Iphone Horror Stories Animated

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3 Iphone Horror Stories Animated

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STORY#1 - lost phone:
I lost my iphone in a club. There I met a weird guy who was trying to flirt with me. Not thinking about the consequences I too went on with him. But later I realised what a huge mistake I made!

STORY#2 -A Picture Says a Thoiusand Words:
I bought a used iPhone online to replace my old one. Before getting it wiped, I looked through thr phone a bit to learn about its previous owner. I would end up learning far more about them than I ever bargained for.

STORY#3 - Ghosting :
I didn't have much friends when I was in high school. So when my dad gave me an iPhone he found in the lost and found I was shocked to see a text from someone called Nathan Walker. We talked and became really close friends but after a few months I realized that Nathan took the meaning of Ghosting to another level.

Story 2 Written by ARITRI CHATTERJEE

Story 3 Written by spookiebiscuit:

Story 1 Written by Caleb:

Stories Narrated by Dorsey Jackson
Of Dorsey Jackson Global At Compound City: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dizz371
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